Professional MBA Program BOU । আবেদন করার শেষ সময় ২৩ নভেম্বর ২০২৩

Bangladesh open university MBA Program Opens- You can do it – Professional MBA Program BOU

Welcome to our Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. The School of Business of Bangladesh Open University (BOU) offers a challenging curriculum, which provides opportunities for academic achievement, personal growth, and professional development. We aim to equip our students with the personal learning and business skills that will enable them to grasp career opportunities in management and face business challenges with confidence. The School has launched this MBA program in August 1998. Since launching, this MBA program is successfully meeting the needs of today’s students towards the management challenges and responsibilities of the future.

You would be glad to know that the School of Business of BOU is offering an MBA Program with a major in five (5) specialized disciplines (Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Information Systems, Finance & Banking, and International Development Economics) from 141- Semester. As a student of our MBA program, you are receiving this handbook only once after getting yourself admitted into the program and you need this handbook throughout the program. Therefore, you are advised to keep this handbook in a safe place. In this handbook, the detailed outline of the courses of the MBA program of the School has been furnished along with the necessary instructions relating to this program. By going through this handbook, you will get a clear idea about the academic activities relating to our MBA program and also about the important things you will have to do in different semesters. The School suggests you read this handbook carefully before starting your studies.

At the beginning of each semester, you will receive a Semester Calendar. Important deadlines for relevant activities will be mentioned in this Semester Calendar and such dates and schedules will not be changed except in unavoidable circumstances. You are advised to be careful enough to complete all the necessary activities related to the program on time. It will be very unfortunate if you fail to follow the program schedule because we are totally incapacitated to allow you any kind of flexibility on such issues. Dear students, MBA is a prestigious program. Quality assurance in this program is very crucial. We are trying our level best to provide you with quality materials and services so that you can receive the best business education. Your valuable suggestions will help us to improve and update the MBA program continuously. For any query relating to our MBA program, you may write us without any hesitation to the following address (with duly stamped return envelope).

Professional MBA Program BOU । আবেদন করার শেষ সময় ২৩ নভেম্বর ২০২৩

You must submit your Assignments for the registered courses in the current semester. You have to submit your Assignments on or before the specified due dates to your respective Study Center Coordinator. You have to submit the completed Examination Registration Form in due time to appear at the semester-end final examination; and On the reasonable ground, you may apply for transfer from one Study Center to another Study center; however, you cannot apply for transfer before Phone: 88-02-9291106 (off.) successfully completing the courses of the first and the second levels of the program.

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you can enjoy some flexibility on the following grounds

  1. You can select your own place and suitable time for study;
  2. You can attend the tutorial sessions at any specified Study Center of the School.
  3. You can register in a minimum of two and a maximum of six courses that are offered in a semester;
  4. You can appear at the semester-end examination at any examination center of the School through the duly submitted Examination Registration Form;
  5. You can re-appear at the Semester-end Examination for additional two times in the subsequent available semesters for each registered course through the duly submitted Examination Registration Form along with the redo Examination fee.

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You must remember that open and distance education is based on a self-learning approach. There is no traditional classroom teaching in this system; however, we provide a limited number of tutorial services at the specific Study Centers on specific Fridays. Tutorial session plays a crucial role in the learning system. To optimize your learning outcome and/or to have a satisfactory score in the exam, you must attend the tutorial sessions and appear at the class test(s) to be held by the respective course teacher. You are also asked to go through the text materials supplied/prescribed by the School and then come to your Study Center (SC) to discuss the unclear/difficult parts of the lessons with the tutor as well as the fellow students in groups. As a distant learner, you are required to follow the schedule of the School as provided in the Semester Calendar. The School is managing its programs throughout the country. Any change in the

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